Marketing Specialist

Dillon Burroughs serves as a Marketing Specialist for Family Policy Alliance. His previous communications experience includes writing for various media outlets, including The Daily Wire and The Western Journal.

Dillon has authored or co-authored nearly 40 books, including the bestselling Facts On series (with John Ankerberg and John Weldon, 2.5 million sold) and the Comparing Christianity series (with Stephen Cory, Keith Brooks, and Irvine Robertson, over 1 million sold). He is also an associate editor for the CSB Apologetics Study Bible for Students.

Dillon’s past work has also included collaborative writing and editing with top publishers and experts, including work with over a dozen New York Times bestselling authors. His writing also extends to radio, television, and film, including involvement in the documentaries “Not in My Town” (featuring anti-trafficking efforts in the U.S.) and “Israel Under Fire” (featuring John Ankerberg and Jimmy DeYoung).

Dillon holds a BS in Communications from Indiana State University, a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a PhD in Leadership from Carolina University. He also serves as an adjunct professor for Liberty University. Burroughs lives in Tennessee with his wife, Deborah, and their three children.

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