Blake Carpenter on the Issues (supported):

  • Consistently stood along side us and fought for the passage of Value Them Both, the pro-life Constitutional Amendment to restore Kansans ability to regulate the abortion industry.
  • He co-sponsored the Abortion Pill Reversal bill which would have given women hope beyond abortion.
  • He is a strong supporter of religious freedom and has worked to protect the religious speech of students and educators in Kansas.
  • Courageously stood to block Liberals and Moderates push to allow taxpayer funded abortion through Medicaid expansion.


Matthew Joyce (opponent) on the Issues:

  • While on the Derby School Board he refused to stand up for our girls and remove a school policy that was putting them in compromising situations despite persistent outcry from parents.
  • Supports Medicaid expansion, despite knowing it will become a funding stream for the abortion industry.
  • Endorsed by an organization that consistently opposed protecting your God-given religious freedom.

Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Kansas