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Limited-time Statesmen Academy Challenge Grant takes your gift further to equip more elected leaders to advance godly values in America.

What is the Statesmen Academy?

Since 2016, the Statesmen Academy has provided rigorous training by experienced Christian legislative leaders, which has produced graduates bonded in an enduring fellowship of mutual encouragement and accountability, spiritual strength and political wisdom.

Our students and alumni are men and women who have been elected to office recently or who are about to run. Through your support—DOUBLED when you give by June 30 through the Challenge Grant—they learn the legislative art of patience and persistence, unwavering principles and passionate, respectful advocacy.

The stakes are high

Effectively trained and equipped Christians in office will:

Promote legislation that protects life from conception to natural death

Stand effectively for your values in the media and public square

Push back against radical groups like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign

To respond to challenges in our country and give pro-family citizens the opportunity to vote for stronger pro-family candidates, Family Policy Foundation created the Statesmen Academy.

Limited-time $247,000 Challenge Grant takes your gift further!


Transforming our government from the inside

How does the Statesmen Academy affect you?

Governors elected in your state set the course for you, your family, your religious liberty and your future opportunity.

State legislators introduce bills and resolutions and propose amendments that affect you, your family, your religious liberty and your future opportunity.

U.S. Senators elected in your state determine the federal judges confirmed to the courts, who then rule on laws that affect you, your family, your religious liberty and your future opportunity.

The Statesmen Academy equips these men and women—who will determine the future of our states and nation for decades, if not generations—to stand up for your family and your values.

YOU and the Statesmen Academy GET RESULTS

In just 5 years, the Statesmen Academy has already trained and equipped more than 100 leaders from 33 states.

Most importantly, these leaders are getting things done:

They are getting elected.

In 2020, 55 of them were on the ballot and 52 won!

They are moving up.

Already, since 2016, 20 have either been elected to a higher office or were chosen by their colleagues for a leadership position.

They are leading on the issues.

From the sanctity of life to adoption protection to securing our religious freedom and more, these men and women are taking the lead, carrying legislation and winning victories that make a real difference in the lives of Americans.

Help expand the Statesmen Academy now!


Amanda Banks

Attended Statesmen Academy 2016, former Indiana State Senator and current Director of Statesmen Academy

A word from one of our Statesmen

“We live in a very divisive time, a very politically charged time, one in which our Christian values and traditional morality are being dumbed down or ignored all together.

“Men and women serving in elected office who have a Christian worldview are few and far between—and that can be a lonely place.

“When I served in the Indiana Statehouse, I remember wanting to speak out, knowing what was right on a policy topic, but feeling less sure of how to articulate it well.

“That’s where our Statesmen Academy comes in. We’re that resource that so many of these legislators are looking for—that they didn’t even know was available.

“Statesman Academy is not just a one-week training. Our Statesmen are continually resourced with the tools they need to be successful. They are given model legislation, talking points, media training, statistics and research—real things they can use in their offices to advance the goals and the values we all agree on."

“Through the Statesmen Academy, God is going to be honored and His will is going to be done.”

Amanda Banks, Director of Statesmen Academy

Your support is crucial

The Statesmen Academy is held annually, and the number of men and women who want to participate continues to grow.

Your generous financial support will be DOUBLED when you give by June 30 through the $247,000 Challenge Grant. You will play a crucial role in growing the program, training up a vibrant community of more Statesmen equipped to transform our government from the inside! All gifts to the Family Policy Foundation are tax-deductible.


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