Kansas Students Deserve Privacy

May 21


The Obama Administration is demanding that public schools allow boys into girls restrooms, locker rooms and showers. The door is open to any boy who says he “identifies” as a female.

Steve Brunk, executive director of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, said government has a duty to protect children.

“But President Obama’s Administration has directly threatened the privacy and safety of every child in America attending a public school,” he said. “No child should be forced into an intimate setting like a restroom or locker room with someone of the opposite sex.

“We will not surrender our children’s privacy and safety to President Obama’s political agenda. The President has proven that he will stop at nothing to force his radical bathroom agenda on every child in the country.”

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback called it “an unprecedented example of judicial overreach.”

“This attempt to federalize local school board decisions by threatening legal action or denial of federal funding is wrong,” he said. “The President has acted without Congress and without consulting the States. This attempted top-down reinterpretation of federal law rejects both logic and prudence, and would result in numerous problems and challenges for our public schools.”

The governor said education policy decisions should be made by local schools and communities.

“When issues involving questions of gender identity arise, it is our local communities, school leaders, and parents who will know how best to respond to specific situations.”