Testifying to the Truth

February 4

We are currently facing what may be the most important bill this entire legislative session: House Bill 1386.  The bill would change North Dakota law so that “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” would be given the same protection as race, religion, and national origin. It is sometimes referred to as a “bathroom bill”.

To be blunt, this is a dangerous proposal.

If passed, it would:

  • Employers and landlords could be exposed to legal action as retaliation for legitimate business decisions made without knowledge of employee or tenant sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Preschools, daycares, women’s shelters, and athletic facilities, such as a gym or pool, could be subjected to legal action for failing to hire a person who claims to be transgender. That means that a preschool or afterschool program could be forced to hire a male (who identifies as female) who would share the girls’ restroom, regardless of parents’ or children’s concerns.
  • Private business could face legal action for failing to provide services and participating in events with which they disagree because of sincerely held beliefs.
  • Religious entities could face legal action if they decline to hire someone who claims to ascribe to their faith, even if the individual is a male who identifies as female and wants to use the female restroom at the church, Christian school, or other ministry.

The bottom line: It would force women and girls to use the bathroom, shower, or undress next to a man in a public facility.

I testified this week on behalf of Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota and you, our ministry partners. My testimony was well received by the committee which has not yet made a recommendation on HB1386.

The Committee will make a recommendation regarding this matter in the coming days and it will receive a vote on the floor.

There is still time to take action and we need your help more than ever now. Please contact your Representative and ask them to vote against the bill when it is considered on the floor.

Visit our Action Center to identify your Representative and email them about this bill.

Mark Jorritsma
Executive Director