Isn’t the Left Supposed to Love Choice?

February 10

In recent weeks, we have seen firsthand how positions held by those who would identify as liberals are born, not from a sincere value position, but rather from a fidelity to the religion of statism. This was never more evident than when a chorus of Senators claimed during the confirmation hearings for Education Secretary Betsy Devos that their opposition was based on a desire to serve students.

But the facts on the ground tell a different story.

We have all heard horror stories of what is happening in public education. Just this week, I spoke with someone who had worked in public education in Atlanta for more than a decade. When I asked what he would change about the system, I was surprised by the answer: “Flexibility.” Too many decisions are made from far-too-high up the food chain, flow of dollars is based on mandates from above as opposed to actual needs, and there is no ability to help kids as individuals – only as a collective group!

My friends, there are great public schools, phenomenal teachers and dedicated administrators in public schools. But, if we limit ourselves to a system that fails countless individuals, features entire constructs that are broken and continues to show more interest in advancing a liberal ideology than promoting genuine education, we fail our kids. We need choice.

That’s why we rejoice that Betsy DeVos, a professing Christian and staunch school-choice advocate is the new Secretary of Education.

But, victory for those of us who value choice and reform in education is far from assured. Those who see public education as a haven for indoctrination will continue to invest heavily in lobbying and campaign efforts, and they are powerful influencers. We must work overtime to make sure the Left does not peel off allies who should be with us.

The Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is committed to seeing the family unit as the center of education, children thriving as a result of incredible education opportunities, and a robust and competitive system that benefits our students. While there is no “silver bullet” in winning the battles we fight for families, promoting school choice – where godly parents can be the foremost decision-makers in their children’s education – is as close as we are likely to get.

Together, we can seize the momentum of the DeVos confirmation and an administration that agrees with us on this vital issue. Together, we can continue to encourage national reform while making real gains here in Georgia. I look forward to working with you to that end!

In His Service,

Cole Muzio

P.S. If we hope to combat those hostile to those values we hold dear, including school choice, we must take action. That’s why we will be launching the Family Leader program. If you are interested in advancing our values, recruiting others to our cause and coordinating activities in your area or among your friends, please email me today at to let me know of your interest in participating in this effort!