We’re Working Hard for You in Topeka

February 10

Dear Friends,

It’s been a busy week for our team at Family Policy Alliance of Kansas!

The highlight was attending the annual Valentine’s Day banquet hosted by our friends at Kansans for Life. Governor Brownback gave a rousing reminder of all that has been achieved for life in Kansas (17 pro-life bills signed in just the last six years!) and David Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress, described his undercover work exposing Planned Parenthood’s role in the sale of baby body parts for profit.

The fight for life is far from over, but with the impending confirmation of Justice Gorsuch, there is a path towards overturning Roe.

On the legislative front, our team offered testimony in support of two life-affirming pieces of legislation. The first was Kansas Senate Bill 98, the Disclose Act, which would amend existing law by increasing the availability of information and increasing transparency for women seeking abortion. The additional information includes such basic facts as the name of the doctor who would perform the procedure, their graduation date from medical school, whether they have ever been disciplined by a medical oversight board, and whether they have admitting privileges at local hospitals. We were extremely pleased to see this bill passed out of committee and on to the full Senate.

The second was Kansas House Bill 2031, which creates an advisory council to explore the current state and availability of palliative care in Kansas. Palliative care is a holistic approach to medical treatment that honors the unique nature and dignity of every life. Though commonly associated with end of life care, a palliative approach can be beneficial in many other circumstances. We were extremely pleased to see this legislation also clear the first of many legislative hurdles.

Additionally, we submitted written testimony in opposition to a third bill. Kansas House Bill 2173 would expand gambling in Kansas. Gambling currently is legal only in a certain specific, limited manner. The bill violates the states’ existing contractual obligations to casino managers, resulting in massive financial penalties for which Kansas taxpayers would be responsible. Even more importantly, however, is the social cost. The extensive cultural and personal harms of gambling are well-documented and affect those who can least afford them at a disproportionate rate. We don’t need more gambling.

We continue to expand our influence in the political space. On Thursday, I traveled to Wichita to distribute our candidate questionnaire to the delegates from the Fourth Congressional District who decided upon the GOP nominee to fill Mike Pompeo’s congressional seat. We asked each declared candidate questions about life, marriage & family, and religious freedom and believe their answers provided needed input for delegates’ decisions.

Congratulations to State Treasurer Ron Estes who was chosen as the Republican Candidate for Congress in the 4th District.

All of this is made possible because of the support of ministry partners like you. Your prayers, encouragement, participation and generosity enable us to represent you and your values in many ways throughout the state, ensuring Kansas is a place where God is honored, families thrive, religious freedom flourishes and life is cherished. Thank you!


Eric Teetsel

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