February 17

The State of California has banned official state-funded travel to Kansas after concluding that Kansas laws discriminate against gay people. What specific law triggered the travel ban? An act passed in 2016 affirming the right of religious organizations and clubs on college campuses to require members to adhere to the tenets of their religion.

Imagine that.

As if on cue, a group has introduced Senate Bill 139, legislation that would repeal the campus religious freedom act. This is just one of many laws introduced in the first few weeks of this legislative session that leave me asking, “Don’t these people know this is Kansas?”

  • Senate Resolution 1715 urges the adoption of “comprehensive sex education” in Kansas public schools involving instruction on homosexuality, transgenderism, and other progressive notions.
  • Senate Bill 172 would prohibit the use of so-called “conversion therapy,” legally barring professional counselors and therapists from assisting those struggling with same-sex attraction.
  • Senate Bill 155 would legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes, the first step towards full legalization of the drug.
  • House Bill 2120 would legalize physician-assisted suicide.
  • House Bill 2123 would grant legal protections for sexual orientation and gender identity at the same level as race, sex and national origin.

People don’t introduce laws like these because they’ve got too much spare time. These are steps in a long-term step-by-step plan to change our state. We can’t afford to take our way of life for granted any longer.

The time for vigilance is now.

The Family Policy Alliance of Kansas is pushing back on each of these – and we will win. But simply defeating bad laws isn’t enough.  We must build back up a culture of life, family and freedom. That’s why we’re countering physician assisted suicide with expanding life affirming palliative care options and introducing the Student Privacy Act while fighting sexual orientation-gender identity laws.

You are vital to preserving the lifestyle and values that make Kansas home. When you partner with Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, you join with others in the state raising their voices and helping live out the vision of a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished. We’d love for you to be a part of that. It’s easy, just use the DONATE button at the top of this page.

Thank you.


Eric Teetsel

P.S. You know that gambling bill we emailed you about? Well, the proponents saw that it was going to lose if they allowed a vote, so they pulled it from the calendar! They’ll regroup and be back, but for now it’s a win for Kansas families. You did that!