Time to Get Moving!

February 18

It’s campaign season again!

Before you dismiss the above statement as simply the kind uttered by a political junkie who thinks every word ending in “day” comprises “campaign season,” look at what is happening here in Georgia.

The 6th Congressional District special election is under way, the race for Party Chairman is in full swing, and, as noted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution this week, candidates for statewide office in 2018 are already actively calling voters around the state.

Now is not the time to put your feet up after celebrating some victories in November and take a break from politics. Now is the time to get engaged!

As we hit campaign season, we are actively recruiting candidates, unleashing biblical citizenship, working to hold elected officials accountable and evaluating target races around Georgia. Can you contribute $18 today to make sure we have the funds needed to fight on behalf of the family in 2018?

Campaigns provide us a great opportunity to engage and stand up for our values. We engage because we love.

As I celebrated Valentine’s Day, the 6th anniversary of my engagement to my gorgeous wife, and my birthday (yes, all on one day!) this week, I reflected on what gives me the greatest joy — my family! The Lord has blessed me immeasurably, but His greatest blessings in this life have come when I have been able to enjoy His design for the family. We are truly advocates for what gives people the most joy!

I hope that you will partner with us as we work this campaign season. Your support will help elect men and women of faith who will represent Georgia families.

Cole Muzio
Executive Director


We believe that a Georgia where God is honored, families thrive, religious freedom flourishes and life is cherished is, in part, achieved by what we do at the ballot box. Will you contribute $18 to our effort today so we can stand strong in this campaign season and throughout the 2018 elections? Thank you!