Christian Alternative to Boy Scouts Sees Increase in Membership

February 21

The Boy Scouts of America recently announced it will accept girls who say they identify as boys into its ranks.

The move brought a rush of interest in Trail Life USA, a Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts. The group’s website was busy with families asking how to get their sons involved.

“We don’t want boys or girls subjected to compromising situations on outings in an environment where reasonable precautions are no longer enforceable,” said Mark Hancock, Trail Life CEO, in a statement. “We don’t want churches drawn into dangerous legal territory and forced to embrace what they believe is sin, because they have a formal alliance with an organization that has no such beliefs. We will have the opportunity and, as led, the responsibility to speak in defense of a generation being led astray.”

John Stemberger is executive director of the Florida Family Policy Council, one of Family Policy Alliance’s nearly 40 state-based groups. He also was instrumental in launching Trail Life USA. He said the Boy Scouts recent recent move creates confusion for the children involved and is a “clear child protection issue.”

“It’s simply stunning,” Stemberger said, “that a leading youth organization, in which parents entrust the protection of their children, has opted to again appease political activists rather than follow clear, commonsense, best practices for child protection.”

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