Biology Isn’t Bigotry

February 24

Maybe you’ve noticed, but today’s political climate is making for some unlikely friendships.

At a recent event hosted by the conservative Heritage Foundation titled Biology Isn’t Bigotry: Why Sex Matters in the Age of Gender Identity, women from different backgrounds and political persuasions came together out of shared concern of the threat that transgender ideology poses to their identity as women.

The first speaker, Kaeley Triller Haver, is a rape survivor and advocate for women’s privacy and safety. Haver told the story of working for the YMCA and being informed they were imposing a policy of opening their bathrooms and locker rooms based on “gender identity.” Her personal experience with male violence made her vigilant about the threat of predators and she needed to speak out. Suddenly, women were “coming out of the woodwork” to share their own experiences and fears.

“When gender identity wins, women always lose,” Haver said.

Another panelist, Miriam Ben Shalom, made history by being the first person reinstated to the military after being discharged for being openly gay. To characterize her perception of those who have deceived themselves about basic gender norms, Ben Shalom opened with a quote from Thomas Paine. “To argue with a man who has renounced reason is like giving medicine to the dead.”

“Transgender issues are not our issues,” she argued. Despite a life spent fighting for gay rights, she told stories of vicious harassment and threats from transgender activists and of being denied the right to serve as Grand Marshal of Milwaukee’s pride parade because of her position on transgender issues.

Ben Shalom is “sick and tired of being disappeared and being told that my words have no value.”

The panel also included Mary Lou Singleton, a board member for WoLF, the radical feminist group that has partnered with Family Policy Alliance in fighting the bathroom agenda at the U.S. Supreme Court. And a statement was read from Emily Zinos, a Minnesota mom who heads up Family Policy Alliance’s Ask Me First campaign in her state. I highly recommend you watch the entire event.

It’s not often groups like Family Policy Alliance and Heritage Foundation find common ground with lesbian activists and radical feminists, but we agree that being a woman is a meaningful thing that must be cherished and preserved. Here in Kansas, we’re doing this by advocating for the Student Privacy Act. Will you join us?

By joining together with unlikely allies, we can make a difference and protect the privacy and safety of our children.

Eric Teetsel

No doubt about it, there is important work for us to do. Would you take a moment and contact your elected officials about the Kansas Student Privacy Act? We’ve made it easy through our Action Center.