Giving Credit Where It’s Due

March 3

My son, Cade, has a problem.

Despite the fact that my oldest son, Peyton, is a sometimes less-than-nice big brother (we are working on that!), Cade adores his “big bro,” 19 months his elder. That means Cade follows Peyton, does what Peyton does, tries to play with what Peyton plays with (which sometimes leads to an epic, though usually one-sided, tug-of-war), and emulate his brother in nearly every way.

That gets Cade into trouble.

You see, while Peyton is a nimble, athletic 2-and-a-half-year-old, Cade, who turned 1 in January, is not yet where his brother is physically. That means, when Peyton takes risks like jumping off of something or trying some other form of a daring stunt (a regular occurrence), Cade usually follows along unthinkingly only to end up hurt and in tears.

The same is true for us! When we blindly follow, unquestioningly, any man not named Jesus Christ we will fall, end up hurt, disappointed, and looking foolish.

I preface my comments below with the analogy above because I never want Family Policy Alliance of Georgia to fall into that trap. Cade’s folly is often seen when Christians allow themselves to become tied too closely with a person or a movement.

While I never want us to go down that path, we must acknowledge when our leaders do something worthy of applause.

That’s why I am asking each of you to join me in thanking President Trump for his revocation of President Obama’s “bathroom mandate,” which demanded that boys be allowed to use girls restrooms, locker rooms and showers in public schools.

There is not likely to be anything more rooted in pure “common sense” than Trump’s decision to rescind that over-reaching edict, but we need to rally around the president on this issue.

While this issue is one of abundant clarity to us, the liberal media and even many in Trump’s inner circle urged him to let the order stand. His willingness to stand against the tide and for the innocence of our children is worthy of applause as well as illustrative of the influence people of faith are having on this administration.

Will you join me today in thanking President Trump for his willingness to do what is right?

President Trump needs to know we are watching and that, while we will never follow blindly and unquestioningly, he has our strong support on this issue. Please join me in thanking President Trump for his willingness to stand with us!

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
Executive Director

P.S. The greatest buttress we can provide the Trump Administration against the onslaught of attacks from the Left, from the media, and even opponents of pro-family issues within the Republican Party is to voice our support when the president stands strong in support of the family. Please join me in thanking President Trump today!