The Battleground in Our Schools

March 10

I heard a story this week about a student who was asked to write a paper on the topic of love. She is a Christian and chose to write about her hopes for marriage. When she got her paper back, it was covered in red ink. The teacher had docked her for describing marriage as a covenant between a man and woman.

Like Daniel and the Israelites in Babylon, Christians today are living as exiles in a foreign land. Living faithfully quickly reveals that the things we believe are at odds with the culture around us. Sometimes we accept that reality and move ahead; sometimes we push back.

The student was brave enough to go back to her teacher and politely insist that she be graded on the quality of her writing and not her beliefs. I can’t help but think of the untold stories of other students who lack that courage or may be too intimidated to write about traditional, Christian, conservative beliefs in the first place.

Those untold stories motivate me to do this work every day. I am proud to be part of an organization that will stand behind and support brave students while we bring to the light injustice for those who can’t speak for themselves.

Public schools are increasingly the battleground. Right now, the education movement wants to teach our kids that the very basic concepts of male and female are “outdated” social constructs. The Kansas Student Privacy Act is a barrier to that lie. Stand with us and with those faithful students who want no part of a genderless world.

Eric Teetsel

P.S. Ask your lawmaker to support the Student Privacy Act. We’ve made it easy through our Action Center.