Palms Up for Our Coptic Sisters and Brothers

April 13

This past Sunday, you and I celebrated Palm Sunday in safety, recalling Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem two millennia ago.

Yet for our Coptic brethren in Egypt, that same celebration was marred by hatred and suicide bombers leading to the deaths of nearly 50 faithful followers and injuries to over 100.

The Egyptian government appears helpless to prevent these systematic, murderous assaults.

Here at home, radicals of a different stripe use the force of government to launch their assaults on the family of believers.

  • Small business owners are sued for exercising their faith in the practice of their craft
  • Pastors in certain states are now threatened with legal action when counseling congregants who express unwanted same-sex attraction
  • Medical professionals are pressed to perform procedures or provide medications that conflict with their religious beliefs.

The apostle Paul—no stranger to physical abuse and eventual martyrdom for the Gospel—reminds us in Romans 13 that even amid persecution, we are to be in submission to governing authorities and to do good.  He reminds us that all authority is appointed by God and for our good. Likewise, it is the role of government to do good for its citizens.

What happens when government stops doing good? The government works in contradiction to God’s mandate and all people suffer.

You and I are blessed to live here in America… a nation where—as a unified body of believers—our action or inaction directly determines how good our government is.

That’s why Family Policy Alliance exists—to empower YOU in helping the government do what it’s supposed to do… good. There is no other grassroots, state-based alliance working to elect good representatives, pass good laws and mobilize the family of believers to make their voices heard in state after state—for our common good!

And, when America strives to do good… we provide hope and inspiration to the rest of the world!

Please join me in praying for our nation to do good, and for our brothers and sisters in Egypt.

I’m also praying for a blessed Easter for you, your family and the family of believers worldwide.

Paul Weber
President and CEO
Family Policy Alliance