Thank You Sen. Heitkamp

April 14

It finally happened. After much political maneuvering and posturing, Judge Neil Gorsuch is now a member of the U.S. Supreme Court. As you know, Justice Gorsuch has a long history of making judicial decisions interpreting our laws which respects the original intent of our Constitution. We trust and pray that he will continue this wise and thoughtful originalist approach in his position on the highest court in the nation.

You will be happy to know that Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota was right there in the fight, pushing the Senate to confirm Judge Gorsuch. Working with Family Policy Alliance at the national level, we urged people to contact their senators and ask them to support the nomination of Justice Gorsuch. We also called on you to contact Sen. Heidi Heitkamp to ask her to confirm him.

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota held a rally at the Capitol making the case for Judge Gorsuch and publicly asking Sen. Heitkamp to approve Judge Gorsuch’s nomination.

The good news is that Sen. Heitkamp listened to Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota and North Dakotans from all walks of life when she voted to confirm Judge Gorsuch last week.

We thank Sen. Heitkamp for supporting the Gorsuch nomination.

We look forward to working with her on other issues on which we may not agree completely such as abortion and religious freedom. You and I know that a majority of North Dakotans want to protect life and preserve our basic freedoms. Working together, you and Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota can make our voices heard so that she also understands the importance these fundamental core values hold for voters all across our state.

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota will continue to represent the values that matter most to you, including letting our elected officials know our positions on key issues. As we gear up for the next election cycle, please prayerfully continue to support our work. The easiest way is to donate through right here on our website. Thank you for your continued support and the privilege to represent you here at home as well as the halls of Congress!

Mark Jorritsma
Executive Director