Religious Freedom: More or Less?

April 28

Do you remember in elementary school when the teacher taught about the how the pilgrims came to the New World in the hopes of having less religious freedom?

Me neither. But, sadly, that’s the way our nation is going.

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit with Barronelle Stutzman, the Christian florist from Washington State who chose to honor her Lord by declining to provide floral arrangements for a gay wedding ceremony. Barronelle, a kind and thoughtful grandmother and small business owner, now stands to lose everything. She and her attorneys are currently seeking to have the U.S. Supreme Court intervene in her case.

Here in Georgia – a state in the so called “Bible Belt”—we have already seen the two significant cases restricting religious freedom. Dr. Eric Walsh and Chief Kelvin Cochran – both believers – lost their jobs for expressing biblical truths.

The fundamental loss of religious freedom isn’t something that we are talking about in hypothetical terms nor is it something that is slowly coming to fruition. Religious freedom as the Founders intended, the revolutionaries fought and died for, and which soldiers through the generations have defended is effectively gone.

But, hope is not lost.

Joining me in my meeting with Barronelle was Sen. Michael Williams, who is leading our Family Leadership Team here in Georgia. Alongside Williams are many godly men and women serving in public office. Family Policy Alliance of Georgia stands shoulder to shoulder with these leaders – partnering with you and other believers across Georgia – to protect our basic First Amendment Rights.

In 2018, we will have an opportunity to identify, support, and elect a candidate for governor who will stand up for religious freedom. We won’t let a moment pass by where we aren’t working toward making the most of that opportunity.

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Last week, I saw how the loss of religious freedom is affecting a brave sister in Christ. Make no mistake, none of us are immune from this threat. Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder to take this freedom back!

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
Executive Director

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