Partners in Faith

May 22

This week, Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota formally partnered with a number of North Dakota legislators and other likeminded pro-family organizations to form a Family Leadership Team. I am so excited about this group, since it allows us to leverage the strengths of each organization and legislator and apply them to the pro-life and pro-family issues we need to tackle. I look forward to teaming up on strategies that address issues such as the sanctity of life, the family unit, religious freedom, school choice, and so many others.

The purpose of this partnership is fourfold.

  • First, we want to work together as a unified team that has a shared faith-based vision for North Dakota.
  • Second, we plan to share resources, information, and training to support sound pro-family public policy.
  • Third, we intend to advance the best possible policy through strategic use of the group’s talents and knowledge of legislative processes.
  • Finally, we want to encourage each other through prayer and support as we advocate together for public policy based on our shared Christian values.

I am particularly excited about the three legislators who have joined our newly formed team: Sen. Diane Larson, Rep. Bernie Satrom, and Rep. Daniel Johnston. Their experience and insights into the legislative process will greatly contribute to our team.

“I have respected Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota and North Dakota Family Alliance for many years,” said Sen. Larson, “and I’m excited to be involved in this new Family Leadership Team. I look forward to working together to advance good legislation for North Dakota. We want to continue the strong family values upon which North Dakota was built and advance them into the future.”

It has been an honor to advocate on behalf of North Dakota families in the state Legislature this past session, and I am enthusiastic about the creation of our Family Leadership Team as we begin to work together more strategically for our shared values. As you know, Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is a well-recognized and respected organization advancing pro-family policy in our state, and we look forward to continuing in this vital role. Will you join us in this important work?


Mark Jorritsma
Executive Director