Legislative Moose

May 26

This week my email is about a moose. Now, I’m no expert on moose habitat or behavior, but I have been slowly learning about them since becoming a North Dakotan.

Back in October, I ran across this story: Moose wanders through Bismarck. It seems there was a moose wandering around Bismarck and it was enough to warrant coverage on the local news. I admit I would have been taken aback if I had encountered a moose in my lane on a local road.

So why the moose? Well, this sentence caught my attention: “Bismarck Police Sgt. Noah Lindelow said the moose was on the Capitol grounds as of 6:50 p.m. He said he expects the moose to spend the night there. When he’s comfortable, he’ll probably leave town.” I love the fact that our friend the moose spent time at the Capitol.

During this past legislative session, I often felt like our friend the moose. Unlike the moose, however, Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota never got an entire local news story dedicated to it. I guess I am OK with that.

It’s hard to be jealous of a moose. However, the moose and I had some things in common.

First, I spent plenty of time at the Capitol. While I never had to spend the night there, it did sometimes feel like I lived there. Second, the moose was new to the Capitol grounds. I was also new to the Capitol this year and didn’t know what to expect, but over time I became more comfortable. By the time session ended, I was pleased that we had done all we could to represent our family values in the North Dakota legislature. Finally, the moose and I were both searching. The moose may have been searching for new grazing opportunities at the Capitol (just guessing). On the other hand, I was – and continue to always be – searching for new opportunities and approaches to make a difference in the legislature for our shared principles.

Next legislative session, I’m thinking that Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota needs to hire the moose. I’m pretty sure that with the moose, we will get a lot more attention for the family issues we are fighting for. Then again, I know I’m still going to have to do the testifying before committees. There are just some things a moose can’t do.

Mark Jorritsma
Executive Director