Pro-Life Success and a Call for Help

June 2


We have good news to share with you from the legislature this week and an update on one of our dear allies in the fight for life.

The Senate passed one of the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas’ priorities 25-15, The Disclose Act (SB 83). This is an update to an existing statute that requires abortion providers to give important information to women, such as the year they earned their medical degree, whether they have hospital admitting privileges, whether they have malpractice insurance coverage, and if they have ever been disciplined by an oversight board.

We are grateful to Sedgwick County Rep. Susan Humphries and Johnson County Sen. Rob Olson who carried the bill.

The law now heads to Gov. Brownback’s desk for his signature.

The vote tally reminds us that we must not take for granted that certain members of a political party will vote for life. Johnson County Republican Dinah Sykes led the charge against The Disclose Act on the Senate floor, while several of her Republican colleagues joined her in voting against the bill.

Find the final Senate vote here and House vote here.
(When you click on these links, the vote will reference a propane bill, however The Disclose Act was passed as a substitute with this bill number.)

I encourage you to send your elected leaders the appropriate “Attaboy!” or “What were you thinking?” email or text message.

In other news… There’s been no serious effort to use the ongoing education funding debate to impose regulations on homeschool families so far, but we’re keeping a close eye on it.

Finally, I want to close this week with a special ask. David Gittrich has given his life to the cause of life. He has championed the dignity of pre-born babies from his post at Kansans for Life for decades and now he needs our help. David was recently diagnosed with cancer in his lungs and kidney. His prognosis is good, but as you can imagine there is going to be some time for healing and some costs involved in his care. KFL has established a special fund to help with David’s expenses.  

If you feel called to support David and KFL in this way, please send a check to the Kansas for Life Educational Trust Fund, and include “David” in the memo line to Kansans for Life, 3301 W. 13th St North, Wichita, KS 67203.