It’s Pool Time!

June 9

My family has already made several trips to the community pool. My oldest son, Peyton, is absolutely loving it! My younger son, Cade, well… not so much.

You see, while Peyton enjoys the cool and refreshing water, Cade, my one-and-a-half year old, struggles in my arms to get to the side of the pool. That crazy son of mine then climbs up the ladder, out of the pool, and gets the goofiest grin on his face. He gleefully laughs and runs around the pool, while I try frantically to keep pace, so he doesn’t fall in.

While he’s awfully cute, my goofily grinning son is missing the point of the pool! It’s not to run around in circles, it’s to enjoy the water!

Sadly, our movement can sometimes remind me of goofy, grinning Cade. We like running around in circles, being on the periphery and exerting energy in futility instead of truly accomplishing something, fulfilling our purpose and being genuinely in the mix.

At Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, we are committed to providing the strategy, focus, and leadership to make certain our movement no longer runs in circles. To a great extent, that begins with unity.

Have you ever noticed how the Left manages to unite behind their candidates much more quickly than we do? Have you noticed how faithful its adherents are to their “principles?” Especially in recent years, have you seen how they’ve excelled in organization, energy and unity? Have you noticed that, even in primaries, the “Establishment” will field only one or two candidates, while principled conservatives are divided?

If this is a frustration of yours as well, we want to work with you to bring leadership to our side. To that end, we are:

  • Working to build a grassroots network of committed Christian activists and leaders, understanding that true cultural change begins and ends with the church.
  • Connecting the Christian business community to best apply leverage to effect change.
  • Strategically analyzing campaigns to rally our “troops” around the best candidates.
  • Crafting a legislative game plan and building the coalition needed to get the job done.
  • Casting aside concern for credit – instead focusing solely on glorifying our Savior in our efforts.

Can you imagine what we could accomplish if Christians were united? What if churches and the business communities were networked and there was real, strategic leadership?

Our mission is to facilitate that unity and connectivity.

If you want to join us in this effort – lending your time and talent to providing leadership in Georgia – please call me at 770-400-9670 or via email at Or, support our efforts by contributing to our work.

In His Service,

Cole Muzio

TAKE ACTION: The Left is unified, but we are all too often divided. We have even seen this play out in the 6th District Congressional race. Please join us today in being part of the solution to this ongoing problem.