June 21

It wasn’t always pretty. It wasn’t always assured. There certainly were moments where it looked grim. In fact, the day Family Policy Alliance of Georgia began running ads in the 6th U.S. Congressional District, Jon Ossoff was leading Karen Handel by 7 points!

But, we serve a great God who delivered a 52-48 victory for our new congresswoman!

Jon Ossoff had more than $30 million, the national party apparatus united behind him, busloads of out-of-state volunteers, the MSNBC hosts singing his praises, dramatic voting rules changes, and a perfect political storm that many thought would sweep him to victory.

What they weren’t counting on, however, was you. YOU prayed, spoke out and rose up to deliver a victory that sent shockwaves around the country!

This is first and foremost a victory for our values. When Jon Ossoff exposed himself by attacking Karen Handel for her opposition to Planned Parenthood funding, the tide began to turn. While many voters in the 6th District have frustrations with President Trump, last night’s win shows that we meant what we voted last fall, that we want to give the president an opportunity to fight for our values, and that we will not vote against our interests and beliefs simply to make a point.

However, we cannot rest. Despite a demoralizing defeat, the Left is not going to leave Georgia alone. Their top candidate for governor already has millions flowing into her campaign. We cannot take that crucial race for granted!

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is proud to have endorsed Karen Handel and played our part to help secure her victory. Will you stand with us as we prepare for pivotal 2018 elections here in Georgia? Your financial support today will ensure that we are able to meet similar challenges in the coming year.

Planned Parenthood spent nearly $1 million to support Jon Ossoff. While Karen Handel beat them back, we need to be prepared for the Left to go all-in in their attempts to turn our state blue once again. Please stand with us today to continue to stand for our values!

Thank you for all your support and prayers. Together, through prayer and action, we made a difference. Let’s continue to pray for Karen Handel as she now heads to represent us in Congress!

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
Executive Director


TAKE ACTION: Family Policy Alliance of Georgia made a difference in electing Karen Handel because of supporters like you. Can we count on your support  to help us make a similar impact in 2018?