Your Family Legacy: Will it Stand the Test of Time?

June 23

Over the past two weeks, I’ve challenged two entities to fight for pro-family policy engagement: the Church and the business community. This week I challenge families.

Because the family was the first and most fundamental form of government established by God, it is the foundation for communities, societies, and national and state governments. Given the importance of the family in God’s plan, we need to not only teach our children our Christian values, but also explain why it’s important to embed these values into public policy. Here are some current topics that families should discuss together:

Sanctity of Life: God creates individuals as unique persons at conception and values them at all stages of life. This means that practices such as abortion and assisted suicide are not part of His will and any policies advancing these practices are antithetical to our Christian values.

Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: God creates us biologically as male or female. The biblical mandate is to preserve and honor His plan for our lives, and that includes being a man or a woman. Anything other than this is a misrepresentation of God’s plan. This also includes honoring the biblical definition of marriage as a union between a husband and wife.

Religious Freedom: We have been endowed with inalienable rights by our Creator. They come before any rights granted by government. As our Founding Fathers clearly understood, God’s laws are foremost. Religious freedom encompasses everything from the right to teach our children from a biblical foundation, to the right to operate our businesses based on our religious beliefs.

Compassion and Humility: God commands us to treat all persons with compassion and humility, including those who disagree with our principles. We must hold fast to our Christian values, but recognize that Christ loved all: those who agreed with Him and those who didn’t.

These are just a subset of values we as Christians need to pass along to our children. They are our legacy and our children will live according to these principles long after we have passed on. Let’s make sure our children understand that these values touch all of life, including public policy, and that they are worth fighting for. Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota fights for these values on your behalf, and you and your children can join us in this effort. Let’s leave a legacy of biblical values and do what we can to ensure the next generation cherishes and is willing to fight for them!


Executive Director