You Are Training Statesmen

June 30

$57 million. That’s what it cost Georgians and, in the case of Jon Ossoff, Californians to elect the next member of Congress from the Sixth Congressional District.

That’s a hefty price tag, but supporters chose to invest in that race because many felt the eventual winner could tip the scales on issues like defunding Planned Parenthood, reforming healthcare, and protecting families. After Karen Handel’s historic victory last Tuesday, none of us regret any dollar or effort spent to achieve that win. But, what if there was a way to make an even smaller political investment with a much higher Kingdom yield?

Family Policy Alliance has a sister organization called Family Policy Foundation. We have found the most significant, cost-effective way to make a political impact is to train up the next generation of difference-makers through Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy.

For a much smaller amount of money, we can train up a group of promising leaders who will develop into the leaders of the state House or Senate, grow into statewide officials, or even rise to the federal level. Instead of throwing a few dollars into a sea of overwhelming campaign contributions, we spend a week with these leaders, train them up, and maintain a relationship and network with them to build strength in our states. What a profound impact this will have!

We here in Georgia admitted four rising leaders to this year’s Statesmen Academy – more than any other state in the country. These incredibly impressive men and women are difference-makers, impact-creators, and Christ-followers. And, after a week in Colorado Springs at the Academy, they will return right here to Georgia to serve the Lord in the public square.

Quite simply, there is not another political “investment” that can make a more profound impact on our future. And, in addition to the long-term benefit to families across Georgia and around that nation that your support could bring, a contribution to the Statesmen Academy qualifies you for a tax deduction that will benefit you and your family. Can we count on you to help us fund this effort? Your tax-deductible contribution today to Family Policy Foundation could make a major difference for our future!

As those who care about the direction and values of our state and nation, we can and we must continue to be involved in the $57 million type races. However, for cents on the dollar, a greater impact can be made by investing in rising leaders at the point of their entry into public service. We hope we can count on your support as we prepare for these four inspiring Georgians to join us at the Academy in late July.

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
Executive Director

TAKE ACTION – We firmly believe this is the most cost-effective way to change the political landscape- leader by leader, state by state. We need your help to raise an additional $5,000 in the next two weeks to cover the costs of sending four incredible rising leaders to Statesmen Academy. Can we count on your tax-deductible contribution to Family Policy Foundation to help us close the gap?