Boldly Carrying the Flag

July 7

Did you watch The Patriot this week?

There are few movies more inspiring, uplifting, and patriotic. This ideal Fourth of July movie is one of my personal favorites, and it is one that I look forward to sharing with my sons one day.

One scene in that movie, however, has a growing significance as I consider what has happened to our country. If you’ve seen the movie, you may remember when the American troops are being routed and fleeing from the advancing British Army. Having devoted everything to this fledgling nation, Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson’s character) refused to be satisfied with the tide. Instead, he grabs a fleeing flag, runs toward the onslaught, rallies the other soldiers, and inspires a dramatic shift in the entire battle… and, subsequently, the war.

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is committed to playing that role here in our state.

For the first time in our nation’s history, there is real reason to question whether we could lose our freedom from within. The rapid growth, liberalism, and hostility toward faith of our government raises fears that reasons to celebrate the Fourth of July may rapidly diminish and fade into memory.

But, we have hope that we can halt and reverse this trend.

At Family Policy Alliance, we are not content to gather on the Fourth of July and merely lament the loss of the right to life, diminished freedom of religion, or the assault on our values. We will not shrink from the Left, accept the false notion that our faith requires a meek and mild approach to the culture war, or allow temporal losses to distract from the reality that we are assured eternal victories.

We are committed to boldly carrying the flag, running right into the charge of the enemy, and turning the tide of the battle. And, we are committed to finding candidates who will carry that banner alongside us. Will you rally around this vision with a contribution?

In the 2018 election cycle, we MUST turn the tide in the battle to support religious freedom, the right to life and school choice, while combatting dangerous policies promoting gender identity, casino gambling, and every other issue where the Left has won victories assaulting our values. Right now, we are evaluating which leaders will rise up, stand strong, and partner with us to carry the flag.

My hope is that my sons will enjoy the Fourth of July as we do—a celebration of real and continued freedom. But, we must actively engage if we are to make that hope a reality. Please prayerfully consider supporting our 2018 political efforts with a generous contribution, with your prayers, and by unleashing your biblical citizenship through active engagement.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
Executive Director

TAKE ACTION: We are actively working to identify and support Christ-honoring political leaders who can partner with us to lead the fight for our values. As we have seen here recently, the Left will spend whatever it takes to win. Can we count on your support as we lead the charge for our values in 2018?