Illinois will squeeze money out of rocks to fund abortions

July 13

As you may have read in national news stories, Illinois continues to go through one of the worst state budgetary crises in history. The financial mismanagement is so bad that it’s taken the state over three years to pass a budget. Three years!

Despite a looming “junk status” credit rating, pension plans not being paid out, and hundreds of state employees being laid off, lawmakers have made it a 2017 legislative priority to increase abortion funding.

House Bill 40, if signed by Governor Rauner, will allow Medicaid coverage of elective abortions and give state employees access to abortions under the state’s health insurance plans.

With what money, you may ask? In all likelihood, it will just add to the already overwhelming debt burden on Illinois taxpayers. After all, Illinois is already carrying $251 billion in unfunded liabilities for its state pension plans – plus another $15 billion dollars in other unpaid debt.

One thing is certain, the Left is intent on ensuring abortion remains funded no matter what funding crisis may be at hand.

Other states are taking similar steps to protect Planned Parenthood’s resources in advance of the Republican healthcare bill. For example, the governor of Oregon has pledged to sign what will be the most intrusive health insurance coverage law in the United States. HB 3391, which has already passed the legislature, requires insurance companies to provide – at no cost – for any person (citizen or not) the following: contraceptives without a prescription, vasectomies, abortions and gender-identity related health services.

Christian business owners in Oregon will be forced to cover sex-reassignment surgeries and abortions for their employees.  And, because insurance companies would be forced to spread the cost of these “free” services over all insured, the reality is that every Oregonian will pay for them.

The good news is that many more states in the last few years have taken action to dramatically cut funding to Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses.  It’s evidence of something we say often here at Family Policy Alliance: “Elections matter.”  Thanks for your investment in FPA’s critical work to elect pro-life lawmakers.  And most of all, whether you live in a pro-abortion or a pro-life state, thank you for making your voice heard in support of life!

TAKE ACTION – Speaking of at last ending Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer-funded gravy train, if you haven’t yet asked the Senate to make sure any Obamacare replacement bill they put forward cuts Planned Parenthood funding, please take just a few seconds to send an email to them instantly through our action center here.