What Would You Do?

July 14

Fairfax County Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C., seems like a long way from North Dakota. However, something happened there recently that has far-reaching ramifications.

The Fairfax County School System decided that all students needed indoctrination on the transgender agenda. However, Fairfax County residents fought back.

My family and I lived in the D.C. metropolitan area for over 11 years and I can tell you that the area is significantly liberal and often spurns pro-family values. However, these Fairfax parents took a stand and said that this LGBT indoctrination was inappropriate for their young children. They won.

I applaud the parents of Fairfax County. They stood for what is right and made their voices heard.  This may be a small victory in the hard work to restore a nation where God is honored, but it’s a significant victory for the families in Fairfax.

This encounter is a bellwether for cultural trends that are sweeping the nation. Can this happen in North Dakota? Unfortunately, yes. What happens in the D.C. metropolitan area often spills over to other parts of the country. For better or worse, it sets a precedent.

What would you do? Are North Dakotans willing to follow the lead of these parents and speak out if this should happen somewhere in our own state? I certainly hope so. Fairfax parents took a brave stand, in the midst of those who openly opposed them.

If we find ourselves in a similar situation, you will not stand alone. We at Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota are always fighting alongside you. We stand up for what is right and biblical and will be there with you addressing head-on these and other pro-family issues. Our families are under attack, and we will not just sit on the sidelines.

If you value our partnership, please consider financially supporting our organization. I promise, we will be with you all the way!


Mark Jorritsma
Executive Director