They Say We Are ‘The Wicked’

July 21

Our faith makes us “the wicked,” … at least according to a gay activist who has spent more than $425 million to advance the homosexual agenda, fight religious freedom laws and “persecute Christians along the way.”

Lest you think that the focus of those dollars will be on traditionally blue, less evangelical states, this effort is being focused on more conservative states, with Georgia at the top of the target list.

It’s rare that a convergence of stories come together to highlight the aggressive and (sadly) successful nature of what we are up against. However, several news items this week underscore the need for our unity in standing up for God’s design. Consider the following:

  • Women who sign up to join our nation’s military are not only laying their lives on the line, they are being forced to expose their bodies as well. In the U.S. Army Training Guide, it is made abundantly clear that gender and biology apparently have no relationship.
  • An amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, the Hartzler Amendment, that would have protected tax dollars and the Defense budget from being used to fund gender reassignment surgeries failed when 24 Republicans representatives voted with a united front of Democrats to impose their agenda on our budget and our military.
  • The Republican Party, the only major party that has generally acknowledged God’s design for the family, may nominate Bruce (who goes by Caitlyn) Jenner as its nominee for U.S. Senate in 2018 for California. Before you shrug this off as “California Being California,” consider that the party with which most evangelicals identify possesses such a big tent that it encompasses transgender activists who believe our girls should be forced to use the same bathroom as men.
  • Right here in Atlanta, $196,000 of taxpayer money is being used to fund permanent rainbow crosswalks to honor the homosexual movement. Beyond the abuse of taxpayer funds, consider the message that sends to our children, that the homosexual community is considered so worthy of honor that the city will spend more than the median value of Atlanta homes to pay for these crosswalks! Consider also that, some are angry because only the “Gay Pride Flag,” and not the “Transgender Pride Flag” is being used!

It’s easy to read these – and countless other – stories and be dismayed. However, as is always the case for the Christian, we have many reasons for hope.

First, when we are called “wicked” for our faith and we feel displaced in our own communities because of the rapid advance of the Left, we are merely experiencing the biblical truth that we are “aliens and sojourners” and “if the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.”

Second, among the votes in the House of Representatives against gender reassignment surgeries paid for by the Defense Department was Congresswoman Karen Handel. Yes, that’s only one vote, but it’s a vote that our movement won with hard work and unity just a month ago – a vote that would have been radically different if concerned Christians had not made their voices heard at the ballot box.

And third, we have finally developed the model needed to combat the Left. The Family Policy Alliance has built state-based organizations (as we have here at Family Policy Alliance of  Georgia) designed to identify, recruit and elect godly candidates; train and equip leaders; and advocate for good, pro-family policy with sound messaging, professional communications, and strong relationships with policy makers. And, empower Christians to Unleash Biblical Citizenship. This model is what will lead us to victory!

Thank you so much for standing with us and for your encouragement. Now, we ask that you encourage those Georgia members of the U.S. House of Representatives who voted for the Hartzler Amendment – that includes every Republican House member in the Georgia delegation – by calling their office to thank them for their efforts. You can find contact information and send a message through our Action Center.

Together, we can push back against the discouraging news! We serve a great God, have the right plan, and are lovingly standing for truth. It’s an honor to partner with you.

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
Executive Director

TAKE ACTION – Make sure our House of Representatives members in Washington are encouraged for resisting the tide of the Left. Call the offices of those from Georgia to thank them for their vote supporting the Hartzler Amendment.