Why the Transgender Tweet Was Big News

July 27

by John Paulton

In this era of 24-hour headlines, the term “big news” is way overused. But President Trump’s announcement yesterday – that he was rolling back the Obama policy of opening the military to people who identify as transgender – was huge indeed.

Here are four reasons why the POTUS tweet was momentous, both for what it did and what it signaled.

First, it signals that, under a new Commander in Chief, the military is getting back to its purpose: winning wars.  Americans reside in an increasingly dangerous world, and we should appreciate a military that prioritizes readiness and effectiveness, not social experimentation.

Second, President Trump’s decision values the men and women who put their lives on the line for us.  Military facilities are, by nature, bereft of much privacy.  As the father of a cadet at one of our nation’s military academies, this issue hits home in a very real way.  But my child is just one of more than two million sons and daughters in the armed forces and reserves, each of whom deserves the basic right and common courtesy to not have to share showers and intimate facilities with persons of the opposite gender.

Third, as taxpayers, we should all appreciate the enormous savings of not having to pay for sex-reassignment surgeries and ongoing hormone therapy.  And all the more at a time when military budgets have been squeezed and vast numbers of ships, planes and other equipment are in need of replacement.

Finally, this decision also shows a beleaguered culture that the transgender agenda – which has run roughshod through America for the last couple of years – can be stopped where there is a will and where the truth is spoken clearly and respectfully.  In places like Texas, where a privacy bill hangs in the balance in a special legislative session, President Trump’s announcement is a breath of fresh air that gives renewed hope for passing common-sense privacy protections.

Please thank President Trump as well as Vice President Pence, who was reportedly very involved in this decision.  And please share with others so they can do the same and help to counter the enormous pressure that the Left is putting on the White House.  Click here to send a thank you email in just seconds from our Action Center.

John Paulton is Manager of Mobilization for Family Policy Alliance.