A Gathering of Faith

July 28

Today I am writing to you from Colorado Springs where I am attending the annual Family Policy Alliance FPC conference – gathering of our allies from all across the nation. I am so excited to be here, reconnecting and exchanging ideas with my colleagues.

As you may know, Family Policy Alliance serves as a uniter of organizations around the country. Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is one of more than 40 similar state organizations, most all of which are represented at this year’s conference. We share the same ideas, challenges, and victories. We also have a great time of Christian fellowship and comradery. It is truly a privilege to gather with these leaders.

One particular benefit I receive by connecting with other state directors is sharing best practices. They have often faced some of the same challenges we face in North Dakota and can provide guidance on how to best integrate faith into our respective state political processes.

We were also privileged to have one of our own legislators from North Dakota, Representative Daniel Johnston, attend the Family Policy Foundation Statesmen Academy this year. Daniel and I took time to discuss his experience at the Statesmen Academy.

However, the most important aspect of the conference has been the unity of faith. Here are state directors, legislators and staff who share the same Christian beliefs. They value families and want to ensure that pro-family and pro-life legislation is passed. Our unity of faith is what binds us together. Whether I’m talking to someone from Washington, Georgia or Nebraska, we all share the passion to make our states ones where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. What an inspirational tie that binds us!

The one thing we definitely agree on is that we can’t do our work without the help of ministry partners like you. If you want to help advance pro-family and pro-life values in North Dakota, I encourage you to become a ministry partner.

There are many ways to do this. It may mean responding to our action alerts, praying for our ministry, or helping financially support our work. For all the great ideas and help I receive from our brothers and sisters in other states, your support enables us to fight the good fight in North Dakota.

Thank you for your continued support us as we advance our Christian values in the state Capitol in Bismarck and in the halls of Congress!


Mark Jorritsma
Executive Director