What Will Your Child Be Facing at School?

August 11

The fun of summer is gone and only the heat remains. For many parents, there is a mixture of sadness and relief, but, for others, the primary emotion is worry that their child will be an unwitting participant on the front lines of our nation’s culture war. What will back to school time mean for kids and parents around our state?

Will it be the time when a young 7-year-old boy is introduced to the concept of “gender identity” when the teacher requires the class to treat a male student as a girl?

Will it be the time when a 12-year-old girl has her innocence taken as she is forced to use the same locker room as a boy?

How many students will be forced to attend a failing school – unable to attend the school of their choice – due to anti-school choice policies flowing from Atlanta? How many young, homeschooled athletes will be barred from participating in sports?

How many students will see discipline, persecution or lowered grades because they dared speak up about their faith?

How many parents across Georgia will have their values undermined by what their child is taught at school?

My friends, school choice and education reform is pivotal.

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is committed to attacking those issues from every angle — protecting parental rights, ensuring respect for faith in our schools, restoring privacy protections for our kids and promoting educational freedom that empowers students to pursue the best options in fulfilling their calling.

As we approach the 2018 legislative session, these issues will be at the forefront of our activity, and I hope we can count on your support. However, instead of asking for financial support this week, I want to ask for prayer – prayer for families as they make the best decision for their child, prayer for students that they can stand strong for Christ in the face of opposition, and prayer for us as we seek to effect change.

Your thoughtful support, committed prayer and hopeful engagement can make the difference for countless students and their families. It is our deep honor to be their voice – and yours – in this fight.

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
Executive Director

TAKE ACTION: Back to school time is a time when the faith of families will be attacked and tested. Please join us in prayer for this school year!