Empowering Parents and Students

August 29

It’s hard to believe the back-to-school routine of busy mornings, school lunches and homework is upon us again — or will be very soon.

Have you ever thought about how so much of the debate about education is not focused on the kids who are being educated? Many school districts (and the Obama Administration) forced the transgender issue on children as young as kindergarten in the past year, by requiring curriculum changes or forcing young girls to share locker rooms and showers with men and boys.

Children don’t lose their First Amendment rights to religion and free speech when they walk into their classrooms, but school policies increasingly act like they do. And, in many states, efforts to enhance the freedom of families to choose the best education for their child are often dead-in-the-water because powerful, well-funded teachers’ unions oppose giving families that freedom. There are even school-based healthcare clinics that can give your daughter an abortion-causing drug without your knowledge or consent.

This is why we need your help and the help of Christian families across the country. It’s not enough to raise our kids in the church — especially when liberal agendas are working hard to counter the biblical training parents and churches are giving our children.

In the next few months, Family Policy Alliance will be unveiling a new project designed to launch kids to success. We believe it’s time to take Planned Parenthood and LGBT activist groups out of the classroom and put solid education back in it. We believe it’s time to help kids express their religious beliefs in a way that reflects Christ, rather than forcing them into silence. And, we believe it’s time for families to drive education needs. Specifically, we’ll be working to:

  • Make it easier for parents to homeschool their children by providing access to specific public-school classes or extracurricular activities.
  • Support Education Savings Accounts, so families can control their children’s education.
  • Protect students’ religious-freedom rights in the classroom, so they can freely live out their beliefs.
  • Remove bureaucracy and liberal agendas from the classroom — such as faith-based schools being targeted by state governments or students losing scholarships because they attend a religious school — so kids can focus on getting the education they need.

Please partner with Family Policy Alliance today to launch children to success.