Bring It, Share It, Live It

September 29

Can you remember any other time in America when the voice of the Body of Christ was so needed? As we scratch our collective heads and wonder why people are so ugly to each other, it is empowering to know the answer to taming the incivility is standing in our shoes.

Yes! There is hope! That hope is sitting in church pews, youth groups and Awana classes. There are so many ways we can share the light of Christ. All of us. Adults, college students, teens, grade school kids. And what a great family unifier!

We can be salt and light. We have the God-given right to freely exercise our religion. The sooner we embrace that, the better.

What would America look like if our Christian students regularly read their Bible in school? What would America look like if all of us, students and adults, humbly stood firm in their faith? What would America look like as our kids gain confidence and are empowered to live for Jesus, no matter where they find themselves?

Next Thursday, October 5, is Focus on the Family’s annual Bring Your Bible to School Day, a nationwide student-led event.

The Bring Your Bible to School website has everything you need! You will find free downloads and information for students, parents and pastors as well as information on dos and don’ts, FAQs, legal rights, etc.

Be a part of this nationwide movement.

There are even tips from Focus on the Family and Alliance Defending Freedom about talking with your child’s teacher and your legal rights.

Schools cannot cite “separation of Church and State” as a reason to ban student religious expression. Student speech is not the same thing as government, school-endorsed speech, i.e., the “state”. Therefore, courts have made it clear that public schools cannot ban student speech simply because it happens to have a religious perspective.”

What a great experience for your child and your entire family.

In the midst of division, There is hope!


Julie Lynde
Policy Director