We Won’t Be Bullied Anymore

September 29

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.” Proverbs 31:8-9

Few descriptors better fit the tactics of the radical Left than “bullies.” Whether using the mainstream media, academia or the political establishment, the Left knows the best way to win converts isn’t through the winsomeness of their ideas – it’s through bullying.

One recent example occurred in Cherokee County, when a high school teacher scolded two students for wearing T-shirts supporting President Trump. She compared it to a swastika and forced them to change.

Instead of encouraging dialogue, acknowledging the students’ political awareness or celebrating their free speech, she used her position to intimidate, bully and silence her students.

Now, please understand me: In this instance, it was a Trump shirt. Next time, it could be a shirt with a Bible verse. Students here in Georgia already have been punished for sharing the Gospel, and we are hearing reports of high school students being disciplined for wearing Christian clothing.

Even in this Red state, freedom of speech is under assault!

That’s why I appreciate Sen. Michael Williams, who led a First Amendment rally in Cherokee County this week to show support for students and for our most sacred of rights. As you may know, Williams is running for governor, and some have criticized his rally. However I was there, so I know firsthand that the students were incredibly thankful someone was willing to speak up for them.

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has not yet taken a position in the governor’s race, but we are grateful to Sen. Williams for being a voice and standing up to leftist bullies. I enjoyed participating in the rally and will always make certain our organization is at the tip of the spear defending free speech for all Georgians.

If you wish to speak out regarding Cherokee County, I encourage you to contact the School Board.

Something to think about: There are intense opinions regarding the protests in the NFL. However, I encourage all of us to think about the rhetoric we use. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said this week that free speech can apply “on your own time.” An argument can be made that the statement can hold water if given context, but let’s be careful. The Left would love to see the exercise of free speech and religious freedom “on our own time,” aka “within the four walls of your church or home.” We can’t check our First Amendment rights at the door!

In case you missed it: Many experts on our team commented on the First Amendment in a great video.

In His service,

Cole Muzio
Executive Director