Thank President Trump for Expanding Religious Freedom on the ‘Abortion-Pill Mandate’

October 6

Today, President Trump announced that his administration kept his promise to protect religious freedom by providing relief to employers who have a faith-based objection to providing contraceptives, including drugs that can sometimes cause an early abortion!

The Little Sisters of the Poor and Hobby Lobby brought the Obamacare violation of religious freedom to the national spotlight when they fought the mandate at the Supreme Court.

But some may not be aware that the Hobby Lobby case was paired with another case involving Conestoga Wood Specialties, which played heavily into Justice Samuel Alito’s opinion upholding religious freedom. The Conestoga case was initiated and taken to the U.S. Supreme Court by one of our state allies, Pennsylvania Family Institute.

“We went to court in 2012 to fight this unjust mandate on behalf of the Hahns, a Mennonite family and owners of Conestoga Wood Specialties,” said Michael Geer, President of the Pennsylvania Family Institute and a board member of Family Policy Alliance. “Thankfully, in 2014, the Supreme Court victory granted relief for the Hahns and the Green family (owners of Hobby Lobby) in a landmark ruling. We’re glad now to see that other religious employers and ministries will be protected as well, thanks to the President’s actions.”

“President Trump deserves to be thanked for upholding his promise on religious freedom,” said Paul Weber, President of Family Policy Alliance.  “And we’re grateful to Michael Geer and his team for helping pave the way to this victory through their outstanding work that led to the Supreme Court win.”

Please take a moment to thank President Trump for his action in support of religious freedom.  We’ve made it quick and easy to send a note through our Action Center.