Why North Dakota Businesses Matter

October 6

There were a couple of recent gatherings of business leaders that will directly affect how North Dakota embraces biblical values. Paul Weber, President and CEO of Family Policy Alliance, and I recently met with groups of business partners and other members of the business community at informal get-togethers in Bismarck and Fargo. We had a wonderful time of discussion and fellowship at both events.

The purpose of these events is threefold: First, we want to connect with our business partners to update you on what we at Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota are doing to protect your Christian values within the context of your business operations. This applies not only to what we accomplished during the last legislative session, but also to what we are currently doing between sessions.

Second, some of the most powerful change agents in our culture are members of the business community. We’ve seen this with global brands such as Disney, Target, the NFL and the NCAA impacting policy through their decisions associated with purchasing, business presence, event locations, hiring and even changing room policies. Businesses have unique opportunities to make huge impacts in our state, because you are naturally connected to other influencers and networks, are invested in our communities, and can marshal financial resources to get things done.

Third, these events allow us to discuss why partnering with Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is beneficial for all parties. Our ability to represent North Dakotan business partners gives us an advantage when we talk with legislators and other influential groups. Knowing that we speak for Christian businesses across the state provides us with a powerful voice. In addition, partnering with us means we can represent you in the best possible way, update you on important business-related legislative actions, and hear what issues are most important to you. Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota wants to work with you to ensure you have the religious freedom to continue to act and conduct your business according to your deeply held beliefs.

For all these reasons, Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota wants to hear from business leaders. We’d love to sit down with you at one of these events and share ideas. If you want to host or simply attend such a business get-together, please let me know by sending me an email. Together, with God’s blessing, we can do amazing things for North Dakota and its business community!


Executive Director