Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Pro-Life Champion Tina Trent

October 17

We are proud to announce that we have endorsed Tina Trent in her bid to be your next State Representative!

In evaluating this race, we not only believe that this is a campaign we need to be involved in, but Tina Trent truly stood out as a champion of our values. We believe her to be a person of faith, a leader with integrity, and a real advocate for our families.

We are confident that Tina Trent can have a profound impact at the Capitol, and we have no doubt that she will do far more than vote the right way – she will be a relentless crusader for all that we hold dear. Moreover, she is running against an opponent who has publicly defined the Right to Life as beginning sometime after 20 weeks. To his credit, he did attempt to clarify after the fact that he misspoke, and we appreciate his wrods. However, this is too important of an issue to take a chance.

We have full confidence that Tina Trent is a pro-life champion we can count on, someone who will fight for our values, and a leader who will build on a strong pro-family coalition at the Capitol.

Our efforts are aimed at building a Georgia where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. Electing Tina Trent is a crucial step toward seeing that vision become a reality, and we look forward to partnering with you to achieve victory on Election Day!

Thank you for your faith in us, your support, and your prayers. If you have any questions about our endorsement process, why we are so excited about Tina, or about how to get involved in pursuing victory in this campaign, please contact me at

Cole Muzio
Executive Director