Signs of the Times

October 27

Are you noticing campaign signs along the road and in your neighborhood or getting flyers in the mail that you give a passing glance – maybe?


The signs you are seeing are for important local elections. City Council, mayoral races, ballot measures and political positions that have a bigger impact than we give them credit for. They all are up for election NOVEMBER 7TH.

While this off-year election season doesn’t get much hype, it is extremely important that you make your voice heard. City government has a lot of power and, here in Idaho, seems to be grabbing more power. Threats to your First Amendment freedoms are ongoing in cities all over the state.

Pollster George Barna found 71 percent of Americans believe there is a culture war taking place in the United States, today. However, liberals, overall, are more likely than conservatives to believe there is a need for significant cultural change, they are more likely to describe the need for such change as “urgent;” and they are more likely to participate in a variety of forms of social action.

The political Left knows how important these local seats are. Local governing bodies often function like a farm team for a professional sport franchise. The politicians learn the ropes and begin to network as they increase their name recognition and climb the political ladder.

City and county government is a target point in Idaho for the ACLU and allies to enshrine “Add the Words” and “Gender Neutral Intimate Spaces” policies. They are training members to run for local government. The goal is to populate those seats with ACLU, Planned Parenthood & Soros group devotees. If they can overwhelm local governing bodies with their worldview and control local policy, their agenda gains more power at the state level.

It is not difficult to “pull the wool” over the voters’ eyes, if the voters are apathetic.

So, what can we do?

Commit to be informed 

·       Your local newspaper will have election information. If you live in Ada or Canyon County, the Idaho Statesman has information here:

·       The Idaho Secretary of State has information here:

·       You can also contact your County Clerk for specific information, polling location, etc.

·       If you want more in-depth answers, go to a candidate’s website or call them with your questions.

Commit to vote on or before November 7th

Unleashing Biblical Citizenship means that we need to take responsibility and be good stewards of the society in which we live and will leave to our children.

Your Values. Your Voice. Your Vote.

Julie Lynde
Family Policy Alliance of Idaho