Cultivating a Thankful Spirit

November 22

Imagine a lady bent over with a crippling disease.  She takes care of six children, four whom she adopted from her sister and husband who died of AIDS.  The whole family lives in a small hut, sleeps on mats, and the eldest boy must be hitched to the plow because they don’t have an ox to pull it.  This is not an imaginary place or family; it was a family I met years ago in Zambia.

As you might imagine, that image and experience is burned into my memory.  So, why do I bring up this somber image on the verge of Thanksgiving? To remind us.  We who live in America, and indeed North Dakota, are blessed beyond compare.  God has granted us immeasurable grace, from the time of the pilgrims escaping religious persecution, to the beacon of liberty and democracy for the world we are today.

This Thanksgiving, when you gather around the dinner table with friends and family preparing for a sumptuous meal, remember our blessings.  Our nation was founded on the principles of honoring God, ensuring religious freedom, allowing families to thrive, and honoring the sanctity of life.  Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is privileged to partner with you to help preserve these fundamentals.  May you have a blessed Thanksgiving this year, with a heart filled with joy and gratitude!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director