Happy Thanksgiving

November 22

Dear friends,

As we enter the holiday season, I am overwhelmed by the number of things for which I am thankful: my wonderful wife, our two healthy daughters, extended family/babysitters, Lenexa Baptist Church, and all the blessings of life in Kansas. (Believe me, after living five years in Washington, D.C. these blessings are apparent every day!)

I’m also tremendously grateful for faithful supporters of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas – like you – who make it possible for me to be part of the movement to make this a place where life is cherished, families are honored, and religious freedom flourishes.

The Pilgrims suffered through storms, disease, and death to build a home where they were free to worship God. Their example is our inheritance; it’s in our DNA. The fight for life, family, and religious freedom isn’t often easy, but Thanksgiving is a reminder that the best things in life rarely are. If we trust God and seek to honor him in all we do, he will provide our every need. His faithful provision is worth celebrating.


Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director