Freedom From Religion?

December 8

Freedom from religion.  A rather odd concept, don’t you agree?  However, there is an organization that advocates for just such an agenda: The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF).

Many good Christian leaders, organizations, and schools have received intimidating letters from the FFRF regarding everything from an elected leader tweeting inspiring Bible verses, cities with public Christmas displays, government officials beginning public meetings in prayer or lawmakers talking about Jesus on the floor of the legislature.

FFRF is an atheist organization based in Wisconsin, known for targeting small towns that have Christmas displays, city council meetings opened in prayer, and student-led graduation prayers—banking on these small communities lacking the resources necessary to defend themselves in potential litigation.

You could say they’re America’s reliable “Grinch”.

Typical FFRF tactics include sending threatening letters to city councils, public officials, small schools, or others—demanding that prayers, religious speech or expression, or public displays with religious components cease or be removed or they will initiate legal action. FFRF often sees success with these letters because these small communities, such as many here in North Dakota, simply cannot engage in costly litigation. Thus, FFRF often doesn’t even need to go to court if it can bully small towns with its demands.

The most important thing we can tell you is this: The First Amendment applies to everyone in the United States, whether you are a student, a teacher in a public school, or a government official. This means that you don’t surrender your basic rights to free speech or freedom to exercise your religion when you work for a city, become a state or U.S. senator or representative, or walk through the schoolhouse door.

As was the intent of the founding fathers who crafted the US Constitution, North Dakota was also never intended to be a place with freedom from religion, but rather freedom of religion.  Please help preserve this fundamental right by partnering with us.

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Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director