Progress On the Pro-Life Front

December 14

Dear Friend,

There are a few encouraging developments in the battle to protect preborn children from the violence of abortion!

Thanks to the brave work of David Daleiden and The Center for Medical Progress (CMP), Americans can no longer deny the depth of evil within the abortion industry.

Two developments demonstrate that the true depravity of Planned Parenthood and its corporate partners captured in the CMP videos can no longer be ignored.


The U.S. Justice Department and FBI announced a formal investigation into Planned Parenthood! As Alexandra Desanctis says in National Review, “This is not a hyper-partisan inquisition manufactured by anti-abortion extremists. It is a completely justified investigation of a group that portrays itself as a trustworthy women’s health organization and accepts half a billion dollars in government money each year — all while accepting illegal payment for the organs of unborn children.”


The Orange County, CA District Attorney’s Office has reached a $7.8 million settlement against 2 sister companies for their role in the unlawful sale of fetal tissue and stem cells for profit. DaVinci Bio one of Planned Parenthood’s leading brokers of preborn baby body parts admitted guilt for selling aborted baby parts.

As the largest abortion provider with its layers of cultural, financial, and political protection; Planned Parenthood has been able to avoid deep scrutiny. These developments represent a first in the battle to save preborn children.

For decades we have fought alongside other pro-life leaders in Idaho to push back against the horrors of abortion. The CMP video series added irrefutable evidence of that which we have been testifying about for so long. Our work drafting and passing legislation to protect babies and their moms from the brutality of abortion and commodification has been fortified by the CMP video evidence.

We will continue in 2018 with our pro-life policy efforts in Idaho. We have been a voice for the preborn because of prayers and support of pro-life Idahoans like you.

Your gift today will help us to continue to stand for life and help Idaho become a state where life is TRULY cherished. You can join the battle with your donation today.

Positive developments like these remind us that we must NEVER give up and NEVER surrender in our fight to protect life, religious freedom, and family.

Merry Christmas,

Julie Lynde
Policy Director