Are You Merrier Now Than You Were A Year Ago?

December 21

This Christmas season, it sure seems like there is far more cheer and a lot less humbug! As I have visited retailers, restaurants, or grocery stores this year, I have almost universally heard a resounding and heartfelt “Merry Christmas” as opposed to the more generic “Happy Holidays” that seemed to dominate recent years.

Is your experience the same?

Now, I have never been one to get fired up about forcing utterances of “Merry Christmas” from non-believers who do not understand the magnitude of Christ coming to earth, but the stark difference I have experienced this season is heartwarming and also highlights why what we do is so important.

You see, the main difference between 2017 and 2016 is a president who is not hostile to the idea of celebrating a holiday commemorating the birth of Christ. President Trump has been unashamed in trumpeting Christmas, a significant departure from his leftist predecessor. This leadership, while blasted by the liberal media, has trickled down to a profound effect on culture affecting what is deemed “acceptable” and not.

Though we tackle issues involving politics and policy, our primary goals are not political; they are cultural. We understand the dual-reality that politicians are both reflections and influencers of culture. This Christmas season, we are seeing this in abundance.

So, next time you hear a “Merry Christmas” while you are out and about, think about what happened in November of 2016- how Christians turned out to vote their values and the effect that is now happening on your everyday life. Think also of 2018 and how we are working to impact elections here in Georgia that will determine the direction our state takes for years to come.

Keep in mind: Last week, Alabama (yes, Alabama) elected a U.S. Senator who believes boys should be allowed to enter your daughter’s bathroom and babies can be killed even as they are being born. We are fooling ourselves if we do not think that will embolden the Left’s approach to Georgia! Yes, there were other factors in that race, but the Left believes they have all the momentum, and we need the Church to stand up and speak out!

Something to pray for: You may have noticed you are receiving some additional emails from us this time of year. I promise we aren’t trying to bug you! Instead, we are seeing tremendous opportunity here in Georgia for impact, and we are sharing the reality of needed funding. If you have chosen to or are considering supporting us financially, we are thankful for you. If not, we understand there are many ways to support our efforts, and we are grateful for the ways you choose to do so. However, I do ask each of you to lift our organization up in prayer. Here in Georgia, we are less than a year old as an organization, but that has not stopped us from having big goals. And, while the determining factor of our success is the Lord’s blessing, we need resources in order to accomplish our undertakings. Please be in prayer that the Lord allows us to grow to increase our impact in 2018!

Wishing you and yours a MERRY CHRISTMAS,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director