January Kicks Off Huge Month for Family Policy

January 9

This month sets off an avalanche of important legislation, as state legislatures begin their sessions in 41 states in January. Already, Family Policy Alliance is tracking hundreds of bills that could have big impact on life, families and freedom.

• Life. At this writing, state legislators have already introduced 241 abortion-related bills. Many of those bills would protect life in a variety of ways, from restricting taxpayer funding of abortions to requiring parental consent or notification before an abortion. But other bills would pave the way for even more abortions by providing public funding or repealing common-sense restrictions.

• LGBT. Meanwhile, the push for the LGBT agenda continues in many states, as 139 such bills have been introduced so far. Many of these bills seek to erase distinctions between men and women. They also seek to make people, companies, churches and schools civilly liable if they continue to honor the biological differences of men and women in their locker rooms and bathrooms, insurance policies, terms of employment, or services they provide.

• Religious Freedom/Pro-Family. Thankfully, 32 bills have been introduced to protect religious freedom, and another 57 bills could be classified as pro-family based on their proposed protections for adoption, safe-haven policies, parental rights and prenatal care.

• Education. And 140 family-related education bills are currently pending. Many of these bills advance school choice through programs such as vouchers, tax credits, scholarships and savings accounts. Others protect homeschooling rights, including “Tim Tebow bills” to allow homeschooled students to participate in public-school athletic programs. Others are very problematic, including bills to allow intrusive student surveys, liberal sex-education programs, and more.

Check out our heat map! The darker the color, the more bills that impact families that we’re tracking in a state so far.

How Family Policy Alliance Helps You: Obviously, tracking all of these bills – and the hundreds more still to be introduced – is a daunting task. Family Policy Alliance keeps tabs on them in two ways. First, we subscribe to computerized services that allow us to stay on top of every bill and every vote. Second, we utilize our close relationships with pro-family groups in nearly every state to get the inside scoop on what’s happening and where action is most needed.

Then, based on good information, we alert concerned citizens like you about key upcoming votes in which you could make a difference by speaking up to your elected official. And we make it as quick and easy as possible for you to take action through our handy Action Center. Usually just a click or two is all it takes to make your voice heard.

How You Can Make a Difference on These Bills: Besides taking action yourself, please share this article (and other action alerts) with friends, encouraging them to join the growing army of concerned citizens who are making an impact on values issues.