You Have a Voice

January 11

Did you know you have a lobbyist? You do, and, well, you actually have three.

This week, the legislative session kicked off here in Georgia, and our team – Mitch Prosser, Johnny Crist and I – are working at the Capitol to lobby on your behalf.

While most of the lobbyists under the Golden Dome make mega-bucks working for big-moneyed special interests, we are fighting for families. Among the bills we are working on this session are measures to strengthen opportunities for homeschoolers, parental rights, protections for the unborn, educational choice, religious freedom, and end-of-life care.

Our aggressive legislative agenda faces intense opposition from liberal politicians and well-funded special interest.

Despite the opposition, we remain committed to making a difference on your behalf and for the long term. We will work relentlessly to pass our bills, build momentum for the future, expand our number of allies, and change the conversation as we forge a Georgia where God is honored.

Now, one of our foremost partners in this fight is someone we have gotten to know well- Statesmen Academy alum, Senator Chuck Payne.

Your generous support allowed us to send Chuck to Colorado Springs to participate in the Statesmen Academy, which is a project of our sister organization, Family Policy Foundation. And Chuck exemplifies why this program is so pivotal.

When I first met Chuck, it was immediately evident that he was intelligent, passionate, and committed to Christ and His people. However, he had been elected just a few days before, and he was just learning what to expect as a State Senator.

Throughout his first year, Chuck proved that he was the kind of leader we wanted at the Statesmen Academy. Regardless of the pressure, he always did the right thing. At the Statesmen Academy last summer, he distinguished himself with his wisdom and sincerity.

Now, Chuck’s leadership is being recognized at the Capitol.

Senator Payne, who had never held office until a year ago, has now been elected Chair of the Prayer Caucus, is sharing incredible insights on policy strategy, and is helping us with key legislation. Although he is still a freshman senator, he is a real standout, and has proven himself to be someone Georgia families can count on.

I’m so grateful for all that Chuck does for the people of Georgia, and I am honored to know him. Moreover, I feel blessed that he was able to attend the Statesmen Academy, and I am so thankful to you for making his time in Colorado Springs possible.

So, in closing, I want to share some confidential information: I want 5 more Georgians at our Statesmen Academy this year. Will you help us make that happen? Your generous support will help us train more Statesmen who can make a difference like Chuck.

We have a tall task lobbying for families here in Georgia, but, with more Statesmen like Chuck, we will accomplish even more. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Fighting for you,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director