17 Roses for 17,000 Lives

January 25

Dear friends,

On Monday, Robyn and I were privileged to participate in the 45th annual March for Life at the Capitol. It was a full day of activities, including briefings on legislation and the impending State Supreme Court decision, worship services, and a rally featuring abortion survivor and pro-life activist Melissa Ohden.

While standing outside on the cold, wet, windy afternoon I reflected on the marches I’ve attended in the past. Rarely is the weather better than dismal. It’s as if God desires the world see the steadfastness of his people – and their commitment to life.

One moment of the rally was especially moving. Kansans for Life’s Mary Kay Culp invited Governor Brownback to the podium, where several children presented him with 17 roses. The roses represented the 17,000 unborn babies whose lives were saved during the 7 years of Brownback’s administration. Culp shared that when first told of the figure, Brownback replied, “It would’ve been worth it if we saved just one.”

Brownback also reminded the crowd that he can only sign laws passed by the legislature. We should be grateful for the many pro-life lawmakers committed to making Kansas a place where life is cherished.

You can find more photos and video of the rally at the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas Facebook page. Give us a follow!


Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director