Imagine When We No Longer Need To March!

January 25

Dear Friend,

Last Saturday, the annual Boise March for Life, sponsored by Right to Life of Idaho, took place, as it has for decades. Each year the March is a little different but the heartbeat is loud and strong to protect vulnerable preborn children and their mothers. Love stays alive!

Because the media largely ignored the March, you probably did not hear much about it – that is OK – we don’t march for them – we don’t march for ourselves. We march for babies who will never celebrate a birthday. We march for mothers who will be permanently damaged at the hands of the corporate abortion profiteers who see them as a commodity.

We march for the day when there will no longer be a need to march. Just imagine! A country where preborn children will no longer be in danger of the violence of abortion. Imagine that day when all preborn children will be respected and valued! Imagine!

Planned Parenthood is doing all it can to make sure that day never arrives. As the reality of surgical abortion becomes more well known, they are shifting to non-surgical, chemical abortions. It is essentially abortion by pill (RU-486) and it is far more cost effective and efficient for Planned Parenthood because it does not require much of them.

In Idaho, chemical abortions accounted for over 45% of all abortions in 2016.

Chemical abortion such as RU-486 is not contraception. The abortion pill is given to mothers at 5-7 weeks into their pregnancy. It is a 2-pill protocol to kill a baby whose heart has already begun to beat. The first pill effectively starves the baby to death and the 2nd pill, taken 2 days later, induces contractions and delivery of the deceased child. Often, the mother is alone while her baby dies and the resulting impact on her can be extreme.

This year, Right to Life is introducing a bill called “Abortion Pill Reversal Informed Consent”. The Bill would require abortionists to provide pregnant women critical information about stopping or reversing the effects of RU-486. Family Policy Alliance of Idaho is working with our allies in the pro-life community to get this life saving legislation enacted to help Idaho mothers in a crisis pregnancy to save the life of their baby.

At the Boise March, a sweet young mom, Rebekah Buell told the story of her own crisis pregnancy at 19. She found herself at Planned Parenthood where she took the first of the 2 pills. After she got home, she regretted her decision, but the clinic told her it was too late. Devastated, she kept researching and learned about a protocol that COULD save her baby. Her adorable little boy is now 4 ½ years old!

There are other women like Rebekah who have regretted starting RU-486, but without the knowledge that their baby could have been saved, live the rest of their lives in extreme guilt, mourning their child who died. How many of those 45% (581 women) in Idaho felt like Rebekah, but thought they had no choice?

This pro-life legislation will spare babies and their moms. It will give pregnant mothers the dignity of getting ALL the information about their “choice”. The abortion lobby will do all they can to stop us. But we don’t have to let that happen. With your help and your voice, they will know that we don’t just march.

The tide is turning, but we have more work and more praying to do!

What can we do? We can make our voice be heard!

One day, we may be able to celebrate that there is no more need to march for life. What a celebration that will be!!


Julie Lynde
Policy Director