Urgent: Ask the following Representatives to Vote for HB 56 – Parental Notification for Abortion

February 1

Great news! We spoke and Representative Alcon listened!

HB 56 has been scheduled for a committee hearing this Saturday, and your quick help is now needed to urge the following committee members to vote for the bill and move it forward!

  • Representative Eliseo Alcon (D-Cibola & McKinley) – (505) 986-4425
  • Representative Patricia Roybal-Caballero (D-Bernalillo) – (505) 986-4248
  • Representative Deborah Armstrong (D-Bernalillo) – (505) 986-4840

Please contact all three Representatives today and urge them to vote for HB 56.

Reasons to support HB 56:

  • This bill will add an additional layer of protection for very young mothers who may have become pregnant through rape, incest, or sexual abuse, and taken to an abortion facility by their abuser. Traffickers are known to frequently take young girls to abortion clinics to get rid of the evidence, and adults have been caught taking minors across state lines to avoid parental notification or consent requirements.
  • New Mexico should prioritize children’s safety and the need for more, not less, parental involvement.
  • Thirty-seven other states, including Arizona and Colorado, have already enacted parental involvement laws on abortion.

We’ve made it simple to communicate this request to Representatives Alcon, Roybal-Caballero, and Armstrong. Simply visit our Action Center and you can send this message in 30 seconds!

Also, please forward or share this message with friends. It’s important that these Representatives hear from as many people as possible.

Finally, after you’ve sent the message through our Action Center, please also call the Representatives’ offices at the numbers provided above and leave the same message.

Thank you for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico Team