What If?

February 1

What if a woman knew she could reverse a chemical abortion, save the life of her child, and spare herself a life of regret?

This could become a reality in Idaho.

Sponsored by Senator Lori Den Hartog, S1243, the “Abortion Pill Reversal Informed Consent” bill, informs women seeking chemical abortions that abortion reversal may be possible, should they change her mind.

Family Policy Alliance of Idaho is working with Right to Life of Idaho on this legislation.  Together, our pro-life organizations will advocate giving mothers life-saving information as they contemplate their choice.  Abortion pill reversal information empowers women with facts on a time-sensitive protocol that can save a life.

Baby Gabriel’s mom found herself in a crisis pregnancy and was pressured to abort him.   Watch a short video of her story, “Saving Baby Gabriel” below.

The story of baby Gabriel shows the kind of pressure endured by many women in crisis pregnancies.  Notice that when Gabriel’s teen mom told the abortionist that she did not want to take the RU-486, he reminded her of the circumstances in which she found herself and coerced her to go through with the abortion.

Can you imagine making a deadly mistake, needing with all your heart to correct it, and being told that the death you are trying to avoid is inescapable?  With an RU-486 abortion, all may not be lost.

What is RU-486?

RU-486” refers to two drugs: mifeprex, taken at the abortion clinic, and a second drug called misoprostol which is typically taken 2-3 days later at home. The first drug starves the baby and stops a beating heart. The second drug causes uterine contractions and the pregnant mother delivers a tiny, lifeless baby.

The logic behind abortion reversal is straightforward. Instead of taking the second pill, the pregnant woman is given large dosages of “progesterone in order to counteract the first pill.”  This protocol is a ray of hope.  As Dr. George Delgado, one of the pioneers of this technique, has said, “by using progesterone, they hope to “out-compete [mifepristone] at the receptor.”

Numerous studies have found strong links between abortion and psychological trauma.  Imagine how much more intense that trauma, that desire to escape, if the mother is denied information that explains how she can choose to change her mind and save her baby.

S1243 is life-saving and life-giving.

You would think that people who are “pro-choice” would support giving women information, so they have the freedom to choose to change their mind.  On the contrary, you can be sure that abortion advocates will show up in force to oppose S1243.

Over 45% of Idaho abortions in 2016 were chemical.  Do you suppose that of those 581 abortions, there quite possibly were numerous women who stared at those pills and saw a life of regret in their future?

Information on reversing the abortion pill, like that found in S1243, may have saved those moms and their babies.

With this legislation, we can take a step forward in Loving Them Both.

In the next week, I will be sending you information about how you can help make S1243 a reality.

Will you purpose to let your voice be heard?

We must never stop speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves.


Julie Lynde
Policy Director