Platoons of Prayer

February 9

By Paul Weber, President & CEO

A close friend and Washington insider once told me, “the only thing that politicians listen to is platoons and paoli.”

What he meant was, more than anything, politicians want to stay in power. And to stay in power—let alone actually do anything—required hearing from lots of people from their own district (meaning voters who will actually turn out for, or against them). This is important… remember, all politics is local.  So, politicians always have a local ear and tune out voices that can’t actually vote for them.

The other thing politicians listen to is paoli… in other words, cash!  And there is one thing we all know, those opposed to our values—the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Unions and George Soros—put up a lot of cash to advance their divisive agenda. And they put their cash into local elections—buying up local politicians and school boards with just enough to get them into office and to carry their agendas for years.

So, what’s the solution?

PaulAs you read this, Family Policy Alliance leaders and allied organizations in states (remember… local) across the nation are engaging pastors and church leaders. Why? Because, the church is the only institution equipped to carry out the Great Commission (go and make disciples (Mt. 28:19)) and the Great Commandment (love the Lord and go, love your neighbor… (Mk. 12:30-31)).

From these two pillars of truth, family policy leaders are:

  • Recruiting platoons of pastors and church leaders to the state capitals to meet with and pray for their local legislators… all legislators, republicans, democrats, independents
  • Helping pastors and leaders deepen relationships with their local legislators, which builds greater trust. Greater trust leads to opportunities for greater, and less divisive, dialogue on important issues
  • Informing and equipping pastors, church leaders and their congregations on the impact that policy issues will have on them directly—and ultimately, all of us nationally. This leads to a more informed and engaged citizenry, which results in… larger platoons!

The active Christian church is, and always has been, the only solution to bring transformation to our divided nation. That’s why we at Family Policy Alliance—and our state allies now active in over 40 states across the nation—act locally to equip and mobilize the church.

As for the paoli… we have a proven track record at Family Policy Alliance of building platoons that elect and influence politicians. Won’t you please invest in Family Policy Alliance today as we invest back into your local communities?

Standing for the family of believers in communities nationwide,

Paul Weber
President & CEO