Hope Beyond the Abortion Pill

February 13

By Brittany Jones, Policy Manager

When making important medical decisions, doctors typically provide a laundry list of possible side effects and options available to you.  When it comes to the abortion industry, however, the Left typically works against laws that would increase women’s access to information about the procedure, options available, and side effects.

This is particularly scary because with the latest method of abortion—abortion by pill (RU-486)—the woman usually isn’t even under the direct supervision of a doctor. Instead, the abortionist gives a woman two pills. She is told to take the first (mifepristone) right away, and it goes to work starving the baby of nutrients. She is told to take the second (misoptostol) two days later. It will then cause contractions that result in the delivery of a lifeless baby.

Many women, including those pressured into having an abortion, are not provided with information about what they may experience emotionally or physically as a result of this type of abortion—or information about other options available to them.

A law in several states is seeking to change this information gap, though. States are beginning to push for laws that would require abortionists to provide women with information about a process called “abortion pill reversal.” This process introduces large doses of progesterone into the woman’s body, after she has taken the first of the abortion pills.  This is intended to “out-compete [mifepristone] at the receptor,” as explained by the leading doctor of this method, Dr. George Delgado.

The process is not always successful, but more often than not, women are able to deliver a healthy baby. This information can provide broken and hurting women with hope that their decision is not final. Baby Gabriel is just one example of a precious life saved because his mother Andrea chose to reverse the abortion she had planned:

South Dakota, Arkansas, and Arizona have all passed laws that require doctors prescribing the abortion pill to inform women that it may be possible for her to reverse a chemical abortion. Last month, Idaho introduced a law that would require abortionists to provide women with this life-giving information. It passed out of committee just this week and is headed towards the Senate floor.

Providing women with hope should be what the pro-life movement is all about. Please join with Family Policy Alliance and our state allies in supporting bills like Idaho’s that will protect life inside the womb—and provide hope for their mothers.